San Francisco Green Party BART Candidate Questionnaire 2016
Due Date: Wednesday, August 31


1. There are 10 sections to this questionnaire. Each section corresponds with the 10 Key Values of the Green Party.

2. Each section begins with a written question and ends with several multiple-choice questions. Please don't skip the written question.

3. The multiple-choice questions are answered by checking the box in the appropriate column to indicate which is closest to your position: + = Support / Agree / Yes
- = Oppose / Disagree / No
? = Undecided / Don't know / No opinion

4. The world is too complex to always break down neatly into yes/no/maybe choices, so feel free to clarify any answers to multiple choice questions with a few words.

Candidate Name: Bevan Dufty
Phone Number: 415 595-3213
Web site:
Name of Campaign Manager: Matt Beyer
Campaign Manager:
Major Endorsements: SF Democratic Party, SF Labor Council, Supervisors David Campos, Jane Kim, Aaron Peskin and Eric Mar

Favorite Incumbent Board Member: Nick Josefowitz
Least favorite: I've only met a couple so far but I would say Zachary Mallett because of his hostile and vituperative stance towards BART's Labor Unions.

1) Grassroots Democracy: Please describe how you make your political decisions. What is the main basis for your decision making (e.g., consultation with your constituents, political consultants, colleagues, unions, businesses, donors, or your gut feelings)?

+ - ?
[ x ] [ ] [ ] More transit agencies should have elected boards of directors.
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Create a system of public financing for all elected officeholders, including elected transit agency directors
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Create limits on campaign contributions to members of elected transit agency boards
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Regulate contributions to officials who are elected to regional boards
[ x] [ ] [ ] My campaign accepts corporate contributions
[ x] [ ] [ ] My campaign accepts contributions from paid lobbyists or related entities having any interest in City and County of San Francisco or beyond

This seat only became open one month ago and I am running a campaign in a large district and abiding by the current rules established. BART rules are very different from the City's.

When I ran for Supervisor in 2002, I limited contributions to $100. (not $500.) from people who lived or worked in SF, the most stringent for any Supervisorial campaign. When I made the run-off I allowed people to donate another $100. I agree that public financing and other means to create a level playing field are important.

2) Ecological Wisdom: Please outline your view of the major environmental and ecological issues facing San Francisco and your proposed policies to address them.

+ - ?
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector
[ ] [ ] [ x ] Reducing or eliminating parking minimums in new housing and commercial developments
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Congestion tolls on Doyle Drive
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Livermore BART extension
[ ] [ x] [ ] Rail Around the Bay BART extensions to Warm Springs, San Jose, and Santa Clara

3) Social Justice:

A) Did you take a public position on the Oakland Airport Connector?

Please explain. I worked full-time on homelessness in SF, so it was not an issue I took a public stance on. I am adamant that BART's decisions must involve Title VI compliance and focus.

B) What are your views on Transit-Oriented Development and efforts to create affordable housing? How do you see peak oil impacting your votes on the BART Board of Directors?

When I was a Supervisor, I turned back an appeal of the Glen Park Marketplace project that had a branch library, Canyon Market and 13 apartments with few parking spots. I'm glad that BART has adopted an affordable housing policy and am adamant that we have affordable housing as our focus for joint development.

+ - ?
[ x ] [ ] [ ] BART directors should focus on maintaining the existing system as opposed to building extensions to suburbs.

4) Nonviolence: What are your solutions for improving the accountability of the BART police force while making the system safer? Do you think the BART police force should exist? Do you think BART police officers should carry guns and/or tasers?

I've worked with the Muni Transit Assistance Program that hires young, community-connected adults to work in conflict de-escalation modes to diffuse problems on Muni. I'd like to explore this as an alternative to simply police officers. I do not support tasers.

+ - ?
[ x] [ ] [ ] Create of a BART police force citizen oversight committee
[ x] [ ] [ ] Create an office of the Independent Police Auditor for the BART police

5) Decentralization: In general, the Green Party supports the principle of decentralization. What is your proposal for making our Bay Area transit agencies at once decentralized and at the same time efficient, affordable, and appealing?

+ - ?
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Create one regional, elected transit agency
[ x] [ ] [ ] Create a system whereby a portion of sales and property taxes assessed by transit districts must be spent in those transit districts

6) Community Based Economics: What economic policies, including taxation, land use from the Planning Department, and investment from the Redevelopment Agency would you propose that would drive capital into our communities and keep that capital here for residents?

+ - ?
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Local hiring requirements should be enforced
[ x] [ ] [ ] Downtown transit assessment fee
[ x] [ ] [ ] Citywide transit assessment fee
[ x] [ ] [ ] Prop 13 limits on tax increases should apply only to residential properties

7) Feminism: Women continue to be underrepresented in government. Why do you believe this is the case? Is this a bad thing, and if so, what would you do to remedy this?

+ - ?
[ x ] [ ] [ ] The City should help provide more quality childcare to working parents I passed legislation requiring that any time the City is part of developing more than 50,000 square feet, there must be feasibility study for including child care.

8) Respect for Diversity: Do you think the significant money lost in civil case suits like Oscar Grant's and others jeopardize the relationship between unions and management to impose/draw up any present/future union- management agreements or contracts?

BART should not be killing people in non-lethal situations or violate civil rights of individuals.

+ - ?
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Non-citizen residents should be able to vote in all local elections - Note: candidate replaced "all" with "(School board)"
[ x] [ ] [ ] Full rights for transgender persons -- I've been a leader in supporting services to Transgender individuals, such as the Transgender Economic Empowerment Initiative, Trans THRIVE and the need for housing services.
[ ] [ x] [ ] Boards and commissions now reflect the ethnic diversity of San Francisco
[ ] [ x] [ ] Boards and commissions now reflect the political diversity of San Francisco
[ x] [ ] [ ] My campaign reflects the diversity of San Francisco -- this is something that's never permanently achieved, it's something we always have to be working on.

9) Global and Personal Responsibility: What are your thoughts on how the 2013 BART contract was negotiated?

Terrible situation that scapegoated workers. My support for Labor is one of the reasons I've been endorsed by all three BART Unions.

[ ] [ x] [ ] BART should hire outside help to negotiate union contracts

10) Sustainability: What does the Transit First City Charter provision mean to you? How has Transit First fared in recent years, and how would you enforce that Charter Provision if elected?

+ - ?
[ x] [ ] [ ] MUNI should be funded greater levels and be free to the rider
[ ] [ ] [ x] Higher residential construction along neighborhood transit corridors, which may include raising height limits by two to three stories. -- yes with caveats
[ x] [ ] [ ] State law change that lets bicycles treat stop signs as yield signs and red lights as stop signs
[ x ] [ ] [ ] I ride MUNI, bicycle and/or walk instead of driving on a regular basis
[ ] [ ] [ x] Allow residents to park on the sidewalk without getting a ticket, unless their neighbors complain
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Congestion pricing for parking
[ x] [ ] [ ] Power more City vehicles using corn-based ethanol
[ x] [ ] [ ] Residents should be allowed to park in the street in front of their own driveway for free
[ ] [ ] [ x ] Support expanding parking meter hours to include later evening hours and weekends -- need more discussion of specifics
[ x] [ ] [ ] Remove parking spots and car lanes to create dedicated bike and bus lanes or wider sidewalks