San Francisco Green Party Supervisor Candidate Questionnaire 2016
Due Date: Wednesday, August 31


1. There are 10 sections to this questionnaire. Each section corresponds with the 10 Key Values of the Green Party.

2. Each section begins with a written question and ends with several multiple-choice questions. Please don't skip the written question.

3. The multiple-choice questions are answered by checking the box in the
appropriate column to indicate which is closest to your position: + = Support / Agree / Yes
- = Oppose / Disagree / No
? = Undecided / Don't know / No opinion

4. The world is too complex to always break down neatly into yes/no/maybe choices, so feel free to clarify any answers to multiple
choice questions with a few words.

Candidate Name: Jason Jungreis
Phone Number: 415-847-5133
Web site:
Name of Campaign Manager: Jason Jungreis
Are you receiving public financing: No -- I am not accepting any money of any kind

Signed voluntary spending limit: Yes
Campaign Manager:
2nd, 3rd endorsements in District: Brian Larkin
Major Endorsements:
Favorite Incumbent Supervisor: (no one comes to mind)
Least favorite: Eric Mar (if only because I follow his work most)
If the election were held today, Who would you support as Board President: Unknown at this point
Who would be your second and third choices: Unknown at this point
Who did you endorse for Mayor in 2015 (all 3 choices, if applicable): I was not keen on any of the candidates

Who did you endorse for Sheriff in 2015: Vicki Hennessy

1) Grassroots Democracy: What are your thoughts on Instant Runoff Voting, and District Elections? How have they worked to date? What would you change in the future?

I am very much in favor of instant runoff, and believe it has worked work, albeit some voters still don't get it.

+ - ?
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Sub-government such as Neighborhood Assemblies, Networks or District Councils
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Some commissions should be democratically elected
[ x ] [ ] [ ] The Mayor should appoint all commissioners -- with advise and consent and approval
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Voters' right to recall elected officials
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Residency requirements for elected officials should be strictly enforced
[ ] [ ] [ x ] Ethics Commission should be disbanded
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Ethics Commission meetings should be televised (internet broadcast)
[ ] [ ] [ x ] Ethics Commission should prioritize
investigating violations from well-funded campaigns
[ ] [ x ] [ ] My campaign accepts corporate contributions
[ ] [ x ] [ ] My campaign accepts contributions from paid lobbyists or related entities having any interest in City and County of San Francisco

2) Ecological Wisdom: Please outline your view of the major environmental and ecological issues facing San Francisco and your proposed policies to address them.

The following is taken verbatim from my website agenda:
1. Issue: Increased-efficiency device buyer program for City residents
(Examples: LED lightbulb, room motion sensors, water reducers, toilet
dual-flush kits, rainwater catchment, electric bicycles)
Position: Create self-funded bulk buyer program that will reduce
electrical use, water use, improve transportation.
Reason: Minimal cost, direct impact, encourages citizen

Issue: Artificial Turf Fields
Position: Halt turf field construction pending current California
study results regarding health implications.
Remove existing fields if the studies reveal a meaningful risk of harm.
Conduct cost-benefit analysis of artificial turf fields compared to the
Reason: We are obligated to protect the health of our children
and other players.
There are both natural turf and natural-component artificial turf
Alternatives may be healthier.
Alternatives may be cheaper.

Issue: Individual property tax base basis for renewable energy
and energy conservation adoption
Position: Facilitate building renovation for energy savings or
renewable energy addition through property tax-based owner financing.
Reason: No cost to government.
Enables energy savings and clean energy generation.
Takes advantage of existing financing apparatus already in place.

Issue: Increased bike lanes
Position: Sensible creation of bike lanes that are throughout the
City but compatible with mixed-use traffic.
Reason: Encourages efficient transportation, eases road
congestion, improves rider health.

Issue: Increased tree planting
Position: Sensible tree plantings that do not interfere with
streets or sidewalks.
Reason: Trees provide beautification, habitat, and cooling.

Issue: Residential rainwater catchment
Position: Promote rainwater catchment through simplified civil
planning program.
Reason: Current rainwater catchment engineering requirements
unnecessarily complex.

Issue: Great Highway damage
Position: Harden weak points so as to prevent Great Highway damage.
Reason: Great Highway is itself protective of water treatment and
water mains system.

Issue: Ocean Beach sand
Position: Pump sand south instead of carrying it by truck.
Reason: Cheaper, less intrusive, less environmentally damaging,
well-used methodology.

Issue: Charging electric cars in public garages
Position: Encourage ubiquitous level one (ordinary 120V) charging
in public garages.
Reason: Level one charging does not require expensive
high-maintenance equipment but allows substantial charging during daily

10. Issue: Establish electric vehicle motor racing events Position: Low or no cost to City.
Reason: Promotes City as a hub of vehicle electrification

11. Issue: Investigate water re-use Position: Low-cost investigation to determine likely advantages of
full water re-use.
Reason: Could greatly save energy, provides pure water, conserves
precious resource.

12. Issue: Investigate off-shore wind power Position: Enable study of municipal-owned off-shore wind power.
Reason: Negligible study cost.
May enable low-cost development and generation of City's own power.

+ - ?
[ ] [ ] [ x ] Phasing out diesel tour buses (within the
City, or from outside the City? The former "yes," the latter "no"
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Public Power
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Community Choice Aggregation
[ ] [ ] [ x ] Tidal power that might be harnessed in San
Francisco Bay should be publicly controlled (likely not cost effective yet)
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Reducing or eliminating parking minimums in new
housing and commercial developments
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Congestion tolls on Doyle Drive
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Natural Areas Program
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Artificial turf on City-owned athletic fields
(I actively participated in the fight against Beach Chalet)

3) Social Justice: A) What is your assessment of homelessness in San Francisco, and what solutions do you propose?
The following is verbatim from by website agenda:

Issue: Aid eligibility requirement
Position: Require genuine four years of proof-of-citizenship to
receive City aid.
Require citizenship to receive City aid.
Reason: City has four times its populational average of homeless
because non-residents come here to be homeless.
Limited resources should be allocated to citizens.

Issue: Quality of life law enforcement
Position: Fully enforce quality of life laws against everyone
including homeless.
Reason: No one should be above the law.

Issue: City expenditures for homeless
Position: Reduce City expenditure for homeless to the national
Reason: City spends far in excess of the national average on
There is no evidence that spending above the national average helps the
homeless find jobs and homes.

Issue: Coordination of public and private social services along
with law enforcement
Position: Public and private social services must share
information on the homeless they assist.
Reason: City should manage its resources carefully to ensure
resources are fairly and evenly allocated.
Sharing information with all agencies would lead to better law
enforcement and a safer City.

Issue: Enforcement of drug laws in public housing
Position: City should fully enforce drug laws in public housing.
Reason: No one should be above the law.
Drug use is most significant cause of failure to maintain employment and

+ - ?
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Project Homeless Connect
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Care Not Cash
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Community courts
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Healthy SF
[ x ] [ ] [ ] SF's sick leave requirements
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Law against sitting down on SF sidewalks

B) What are your views on housing affordability, what public sector strategies have worked, which have failed, and what are your proposals?

The following is verbatim from my website agenda:

Issue: Construction of approved housing units
Position: Expedite construction of the over 50,000 housing units
already approved.
Reason: Prior to approving new proposals, the City should work to
have those built that are already approved.

Issue: Bonus Housing Program
Position: Oppose proposed Bonus Housing Program.
Reason: Over 50,000 units already approved for construction,
sufficient for next 25 years of normal growth.
Program will disrupt neighborhood character and quality of life.
Program will exacerbate infrastructure limitations regarding resources,
transportation, and parking.
City is already fully compliant with state law regarding bonus housing.

Issue: Downtown residential high-rise buildings
Position: Encourage downtown residential high-rise buildings.
Reason: Environmental benefits of living close to employment
Transportation benefits of living close to employment centers.
Allows increase in housing and increase in population at reduced cost per

Issue: Rent control
Position: Allow cost pass-throughs for all forms of parcel
assessment increases.
Allow cost pass-throughs for landlord maintenance and tenant-beneficial
property improvements.
Allow cost pass-throughs for 100% of Consumer Price Index for Bay Area.
Reason: Enabling increased cost pass-throughs will reduce
landlord desire to remove long-term tenants.

Issue: Variances for existing property
Position: Discourage allowance of variances for existing property.
Reason: Preserve neighborhood character.

+ - ?
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Impacts of all new development should be paid
for in advance by fees on developers
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Community Land Trusts
[ ] [ ] [ x ] Rent Control is too strong
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Elected Rent Board appointment with advise and
consent and approval
[ ] [ ] [ x ] Condo conversion is currently too difficult
((this is a complex issue involving a variety of factors: on the whole it
is not terrible the way it is, but could be tweaked)

4) Nonviolence: What are your solutions for SFPD accountability while making the streets safer?

The following is verbatim from my website agenda:
Issue: County prison design
Position: Design county prison to ensure small isolated cells with
only pedal-powered citizenship-studies computer.
Reason: Recidivism is almost certain under the present system,
proving the failure of the system.
Studies demonstrate that isolation is single most-beneficial action to
prevent recidivism.
Enabling prisoner reintroduction to society is greatly enhanced through
citizenship education.
Reduces cost of prison operation and maintenance.

Issue: Crime-witness cameras
Position: Increase use of video cameras in public spaces.
Reason: Proven successful in identifying criminals.
No infringement on privacy rights when located in public spaces.
Low-cost method to reduce crime.

Issue: District Attorney's determination of theft prosecution
charge as misdemeanor or felony
Position: Encourage including all costs associated with the crime
when determining charging.
Reason: All costs to society from harm of crime should be taken
into account.
Include the cost of damage and correction and owner's lost time in the
value calculation.

Issue: Community courts
Position: Dissolve community courts.
Reason: Proven to fail as demonstrated by near-certain recidivism
Present system encourages criminals to commit more serious crimes.
Present system encourages juveniles to become adult criminals.

Issue: Recidivism
Position: Post criminals' names, pictures, and arrest records in
public database.
Post rate of recidivism for Judges who release criminals.
Reason: Public right to information as to history and reality of

Issue: Cyber-crime
Position: Encourage SFPD and the City Attorney to form a joint
cyber-crime unit to track down and prosecute.
Reason: Cyber-crime is far more common and far more insidious
than thought, and has many victims.
Cyber-crime is not sufficiently tracked and prosecuted.
Cyber-crime will grow more common, become more sophisticated, and effect
more people and businesses.

Issue: Graffiti
Position: Prosecute through civil system.
Reason: Civil system with lower standard of proof for nuisance
and property damage.
Judgment should be immediately turned over to private debt-collectors who
will be motivated in pursuit.

Issue: Graffiti
Position: Prosecute significant cases through criminal system as
Reason: Graffiti is detrimental to everyone in society and must
be stopped.
Felony prosecution is available by including damage and correction cost
for property owners.

Issue: Gun and ammunition purchase and ownership
Position: Impose strictest-possible regulation of gun ownership
and ammunition within constitutional limits.
Reason: Regulating gun and ammunition availability to only those
entitled to possess them increases safety.

Issue: Worker's Compensation system fraud
Position: Encourage the City Attorney's office to prosecute
worker's comp fraud cases.
Reason: Abusers of Worker's Compensation system are taking public
monies and should be prosecuted.

Issue: Drug decriminalization
Position: Decriminalize natural-state drugs (examples: marijuana,
mushrooms, coca leaf).
Reason: Enables drug enforcement efforts to focus on more
damaging artificial drugs (example: meth, crack).
Enables more police resources to focus on personal and property crimes.

Issue: Prostitution
Position: Legalize limited prostitution in a severely restrictive
and highly regulated sterile environment.
Reason: Enables significant increase of police enforcement of
illegal prostitution and sex-trade trafficking.

+ - ?
[ ] [ ] [ x ] Prioritize SFPD enforcement of moving violations
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Support expansion of foot patrols
[ ] [ ] [ x ] Demand stricter accountability in future MOUs
with the SFPD
[ ] [ x ] [ ] The Board of Supervisors should be able to set
policies and priorities for the SFPD through legislation
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Support a public safety program modeled after
NYC's "Stop and Frisk."

5) Decentralization: What are your thoughts on the Kaufman Charter of 1996? Does it need revisiting?

I disagree with decentralization. I favor representatives who do their
jobs, with closely-kept accountability.

+ - ?
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Bring the Housing Authority under the Board of
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Will you create formal district councils to
advise you?
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Charter amendment allowing voters to choose the
replacement of an elected official being recalled on the same ballot as the
recall vote
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Immediately implement open-source voting system
on the local level

6) Community Based Economics: What economic policies, including taxation and land use, would you propose that would drive capital into our communities and keep that capital here for residents?

The following is verbatim from my website agenda:

Issue: Half-cent City 2003 Prop K sales tax
Position: Repeal 2003 Proposition K sales tax.
Reason: County Transportation Authority has demonstrated its
inability to create immediate and practical improvements.
Return control of sales tax allocations to the Board to properly
administer budgetary issues and set a practical transportation agenda.

Issue: Sanctuary City status
Position: Repeal Sanctuary City status.
Reason: Sanctuary Cities by definition violate national law.
The City should not encourage yet-further population growth.
The City spends a disproportionate amount of resources on undocumented

Issue: Bond proposals
Position: Generally oppose Bonds.
Reason: Bonds inherently cost about 20% more than direct funding.
Bonds inevitably include extraneous elements.
Bonds remove rigor of duty to fund through careful annual budgeting.

Issue: City labor negotiation
Position: Require a clear hand to terminate for incompetence and
Reason: Ensuring competent City employees is a clear mandate.

Issue: Contract bid preferences
Position: Remove all contract or suppliers bidding preferences.
Reason: The City is not benefited from preferences that only add
cost to City contracts.

Issue: Competitive bidding
Position: Institute competitive bidding for all contracts over
Reason: The City is benefited by rigorous contract bidding,
oversight, and administration.

Issue: Arbitrary budgeting
Position: Avoid arbitrary budgeting for any program: instead, seek
appropriate funding for each program.
Reason: The Board should pay close attention and control to
issues to every budget item.

Issue: City pension vestment
Position: Increase requirements for pension benefit qualifications
for City employees.
Reason: City pension vestments are more liberal than equivalent
private industry.

Issue: City employee salaries
Position: Seek to cap City employee salaries at level of City
Superior Court Judge ($164,000).
Reason: There is an adequate supply of qualified and civic-minded
applicants who care for their City.

Issue: Overtime
Position: Require Board approval for unbudgeted overtime.
Reason: The Board is responsible for oversight, budgetary and
otherwise, of all aspects of City agencies.

Issue: City employee overtime
Position: Reduce expensive overtime through carefully managing
time budgeting and cost budgeting.
Reason: The central role of good government is competent

Issue: Privatization
Position: Avoid privatization of any City asset or project.
Reason: The City, as a well-managed non-profit entity, is always
more cost-effective.

Issue: Legislation reaching beyond the City
Position: Preclude legislation that addresses matters that go
beyond the City.
Reason: The Board should be focused on the matters that concern
the City.

Issue: Resident volunteerism
Position: Use electronic messaging and feedback to encourage
resident volunteerism for public projects through information, outreach,
and coordination.
Reason: Often there are capable residents with ideas, time,
money, or social desire to volunteer.
This is a low-cost means of enabling these civic-minded individuals and
groups to work with the appropriate agency.

Issue: Potholes
Position: Purchase equipment and hire employees to do it through
the City rather than through contract.
Reason: Properly administered, the City can accomplish road
repair and pavement cheaper and faster than through contracts.

Issue: Government cost
Position: Reduce non-essential departments and mayoral grant
Reasons: Good government understands its purposes and limits
itself to those purposes.

Issue: Voting by mail and on-line voting
Position: Require all voting to be by mail except for at City Hall.
Study on-line voting.
Reason: Dramatic cost savings.
Proven model.

Issue: Scheduling of City ballot propositions
Position: Only allow City ballot propositions on scheduled general
elections (i.e., every other November).
Reason: Only general elections bring out a majority of City

Issue: Ballot propositions
Position: Seek to pass legislation for all non-Charter issues and
avoid ballot propositions.
Reason: The duty of the Board is to representatively legislate
and not to burden the citizenry with legislating.

Issue: Campaign reform
Position: Review constitutionality of restricting campaign
Review constitutionality of mandatory uniform media coverage.
Review constitutionality of mandating all political contributions to be
Reason: Potential capable candidates should not be in debt to
Moneyed special interests should not be able to force ballot propositions.
Voters should receive unadorned straight-forward candidate information.

Issue: Inter-agency communication
Position: Establish clear protocols for City agencies to speak to
each other for many specific City issues.
Reason: Residents and businesses required to deal with more than
one agency should have a single point of contact.

Issue: Location-tracking of non-office City employees
Position: Through City-issued cell phones, enable
location-tracking of City employees.
Reason: Repeated examples of non-office City employees failing to
be on duty requires this passive action.

Issue: Supervisor staff size
Position: Reduce Supervisor staff size.
Reason: Capable Supervisors should be capable of personally
handling issues and legislation.

Issue: City Attorney consumer-oriented litigation
Position: Encourage the City Attorney to pursue consumer-oriented
Reason: Often consumer-oriented litigation is not only beneficial
but self-funding or fund generating.

+ - ?
[ ] [ ] [ x ] Legislation limiting formula retail
outlets/chain-stores (I generally disapprove of overly-restrictive
legislation, but this may occasionally be necessary)
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Conditional Use permit required for big box
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Municipal broadband (this is part of my agenda)
[ ] [ ] [ x ] Local hiring requirements should be enforced
(to the extent reasonably possible: however, it is not always possible)
[ ] [ ] [ x ] Conversion of some golf courses into soccer
fields (conversion of a golf course is possible, but there is no assurance
that a soccer field is the best change)
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Prop 13 limits on tax increases should apply
only to residential properties (however, this is not a SF issue)

7) Feminism: Do you believe women are underrepresented in city government? If so, why do you believe this is the case? Is this a bad thing, and if so, what would you do to remedy the situation?

I prefer to see the most qualified people be elected and appointed, and no use of quotas should be considered.

The following is verbatim from my agenda:

Issue: Health care
Position: Provide City health care exclusively through
City-operated facilities.
Enable private buy-in to City health care through California health care
Reason: Efficiency through greater economy and broader population

Issue: Public school placement
Position: Create family-friendly City schooling policy based on
neighborhood placement.
Reason: Local schooling promotes family involvement in schooling.

Issue: City-wide public school attendance
Position: Encourage increased attendance of City public school by
enabling private funding of after-school enrichment programs.
Reason: Enable private funding of after-school enrichment
programs without need to alter parcel-tax based educational financing model.
Preventing flight of families from City improves the City's diversity for
Would increase family engagement in public schools and free monies for

Issue: Vocational training education programs
Position: Promote availability of vocational training education
programs in public schools.
Reason: Increasing vocational training availability will improve
student employment opportunities.

Issue: Day care facilities
Position: Provide regulatory stream-lining and assist in the
organization of day care facilities.
Reason: There is a lack of day care facilities and often
potential care-givers are daunted by City requirements.

+ - ?
[ ] [ x ] [ ] The City should help SFUSD provide child care
for children of working parents (This is a City-wide issue, but not a
SFUSD issue per se)
[ x ] [ ] [ ] The DPH should provide reproductive health
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Require parental consent for minors seeking an
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Require parental notification for minors
seeking an abortion

8) Respect for Diversity: Tell us what you believe are the best and the worst aspects of San Francisco's diversity. How would you try to protect the best while trying to change the worst?

I prefer to see everything done to provide for a level playing field through education and health and safety measures, but not through quotas, and therefore I do not support any protections of any group per se (other than those additional protections recognized by the courts)

+ - ?
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Multilingual government and education
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Undocumented immigrants should have equal access
to education and health care
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Non-citizen residents should be able to vote in
all local elections
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Full rights for transgender persons
[ ] [ ] [ x ] Boards and commissions now reflect the ethnic
diversity of San Francisco (I do not know if this is a true statement)
[ ] [ ] [ x ] Boards and commissions now reflect the political
diversity of San Francisco (I do not know if this is a true statement)
[ ] [ ] [ x ] My campaign reflects the diversity of San
Francisco (I am solely my campaign, and therefore this seems inapplicable)

9) Global and Personal Responsibility: A) What are your thoughts on the Board of Supervisors taking positions on state, national and international issues?

I oppose the BOS taking any position that is unrelated to the specific
tasks of operating the SF Govt.

+ - ?
[ x ] [ ] [ ] City government cooperating with the PATRIOT
Act (there is no choice, it is federal law)
[ x ] [ ] [ ] City government cooperating with ICE/Secure
Communities (there is no choice, it is federal law)
[ ] [ x ] [ ] City government should boycott Israel until it
complies with UN resolutions (the assertion inherent in this question is
demonstrative of an uninformed, simple-minded, and prejudiced viewpoint
that disqualifies the Green Party from any serious consideration of a fair
arbitor of foreign policy. To more fully explore this issue, I have added
to the end of this questionnaire a piece I wrote in the last election cycle
regarding the Green Party and Israel.)
[ ] [ x ] [ ] SF supervisors should take a position on
offshore oil drilling outside CA

B) Please describe how you make your political decisions. What is the main basis for your decision making (e.g., consultation with your constituents, political consultants, colleagues, unions, businesses, donors, or your gut feelings)?

I have spent a lifetime carefully informing my views, I seek to stay
abreast of all news, and I am an avid researcher of any issue that comes to
my attention. I rarely rely on anyone to help inform my views. My website
lays out my principles and priorities.

[ x ] [ ] [ ] Fleet Week and the Blue Angels flyover
[ ] [ x ] [ ] In a severe recession, environmental
regulations should be suspended to create jobs
[ ] [ ] [ x ] Business taxes are too high (this is possible,
but would require case-by-case analysis of all taxes and fees)

10) Sustainability: What does the Transit First City Charter provision mean to you? How has Transit First fared in recent years, and how would you enforce that Charter Provision if elected?

The following is verbatim from my website agenda:

Issue: BRT (Bus Rapid Transit)
Position: Do not implement BRT until all other low-cost and
immediate alternatives have been implemented.
Reason: At best, provides unknown minimal advantage.
Costs hundreds of millions of dollars that would clearly be better spent
Destroys Geary Boulevard.
Causes vehicle gridlock on Geary and adjacent streets.
Years of construction disruption.
Would preclude making left turns off Geary - resulting in more driving
on local streets.
Removes hundreds of trees.
MTA has repeatedly failed to provide credible information.
MTA has intentionally failed to make improvements to Geary and 38 transit.
Not directly authorized under Prop K.
Would result in dramatically fewer stops.
Would preclude different buses from passing one another.
BRTs in the U.S. have been removed due to failed promises and reduced
transit performance.
The better, cheaper, and more immediate alternative is rush-hour lanes
and more buses.

Issue: Traffic light timing
Position: Efficiently time traffic lights throughout City.
Convert to flashing yellows when not needed to manage traffic.
Reason: Obvious critical step to transit efficiency.
Los Angeles (14,000 intersections) has created efficient time-light
system, but MTA has failed.
Relatively low cost measure.

Issue: Parking lots throughout City
Position: Encourage all forms of creative solutions and technology
to increase parking lots.
Reason: City presently has inadequate parking, causing congestion
and reducing business.
City should be able to promote best practices and creative solutions
where-ever feasible.

Issue: Sidewalk parking for electric mopeds
Position: Enable sidewalk parking in same circumstances where
bicycles would be allowed.
Reason: Encourages use of electric mopeds, which are very
efficient means of transportation.
No risk of fluid leaks.
Increases available parking for all vehicles.

Issue: Block-the-box citations
Position: Increase issuance of citations for blocking the box.
Reason: Blocking the box dramatically reduces traffic flow and
must be prevented.

Issue: Double-parking citations
Position: Increase issuance of citations for double-parking.
Reason: Double-parking dramatically reduces traffic flow and must
be prevented.

Issue: Muni buses failing to pull fully into bus-stops
Position: Increase issuance of citations for Muni bus-drivers who
fail to fully pull into bus-stops.
Reason: Buses that fail to fully pull into bus-stops block
traffic and cause unsafe driving.

Issue: Parking near hydrants
Position: Allow mopeds and motorcycles to park unmetered in front
of fire hydrants at their own risk.
Reason: Would not impede use of hydrants.
Promotes efficient transportation.
Increases available parking for all vehicles.

Issue: Parking meter cost
Position: Reduce parking meter cost.
Reason: City has considerable money generated from property taxes.
Reducing meter cost would encourage business sales.

Issue: Parking meter enforcement days
Position: Return to free Sunday parking meters coupled with
two-hour limit.
Reason: City has considerable money generated from property taxes.
Reducing meter operation would encourage business sales.

Issue: Street paving repair
Position: Require street paving repair to satisfy new street
standards of quality.
Reason: Street paving repair often results in terrible street

Issue: Police accident investigation
Position: Encourage police investigators to videotape conditions
at investigations.
Reason: Videotaping investigations instead of laboriously
measuring would speed return to normal.

+ - ?
[ ] [ x ] [ ] MUNI should be funded greater levels and be
free to the rider
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Downtown Transit Assessment Tax to support MUNI
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Citywide Transit Assessment Tax to support MUNI
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Higher residential construction along
neighborhood transit corridors, which may include raising height limits by
two to three stories.
[ ] [ x ] [ ] State law change that lets bicycles treat stop
signs as yield signs and red lights as stop signs
[ x ] [ ] [ ] I ride MUNI, bicycle and/or walk instead of
driving on a regular basis
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Bus Rapid Transit on Geary
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Allow residents to park on the sidewalk without
getting a ticket, unless their neighbors complain
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Congestion pricing for parking
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Power more City vehicles using corn-based
[ ] [ ] [ x ] Residents should be allowed to park in the
street in front of their own driveway for free
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Support expanding parking meter hours to
include later evening hours and weekends
[ ] [ ] [ x ] Remove parking spots and car lanes to create
dedicated bike and bus lanes or wider sidewalks (only in a handful of
limited instances)

Your positions on selected current and past Propositions:

[ x ] [ ] [ ] Nov 2016 Prohibiting tents on public sidewalks
[ ] [ ] [ ] Nov 2016 Neighborhood crime unit
[ ] [ ] [ ] Nov 2016 Vacancy appointments
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Nov 2016 16-17 y.o. voting, local elections
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Nov 2016 Non-citizen voting, school board
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Nov 2016 Prop 62 (Ending Death Penalty)
[ ] [ x ] [ ] June 2016 Prop B (Rec and Park legislation)
[ x ] [ ] [ ] 2015 Prop F (Short Term Rental Regulation)
[ ] [ x ] [ ] 2015 Prop I (Mission Luxury Housing Moratorium)
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Nov 2014 Prop H (Natural Grass in Parks)
[ ] [ x ] [ ] June 2014 Prop B (Waterfront Height Limits)
[ x ] [ ] [ ] 2011 Prop C (Mayor's Pension measure)
[ ] [ x ] [ ] 2011 Prop D (Adachi's Pension measure)
[ x ] [ ] [ ] 2010 Prop L (Ban on Sitting on Sidewalks)
[ x ] [ ] [ ] 2010 Prop M (Foot Patrols)