San Francisco Green Party Supervisor Candidate Questionnaire 2018

Due Date: Wednesday, Feb 21.


1. There are 10 sections to this questionnaire. Each section corresponds with the 10 Key Values of the Green Party.

2. Each section begins with a written question and ends with several multiple-choice questions. Please don't skip the written question.

3. The multiple-choice questions are answered by checking the box in the
appropriate column to indicate which is closest to your position: + = Support / Agree / Yes
- = Oppose / Disagree / No

: = Undecided / Don't know / No opinion

4. The world is too complex to always break down neatly into yes/no/maybe choices, so feel free to clarify any answers to multiple
choice questions with a few words.

Candidate Name: Mike Murphy
Phone Number: (415)823-9743
Web site:
Name of Campaign Manager:
Are you receiving public financing: I applied for and am eligible for public financing
Signed voluntary spending limit: Yes
2nd, 3rd endorsements in District: Adam Kim
Major Endorsements: SF Green Party, George Wooding (CSFN Pres., personal endorsement), Bill McLaughlin (former Chapter Chair, SF Chapter, Surfrider Foundation)
Incumbent Supervisor whose votes most reflect your values: None whom I'd care to rate as truly reflective of my values.
Incumbent whose votes least reflect your values: Jeff Sheehy
If the election were held today, who would you support as Board President: Hillary Ronen (in hopes that her constituents would hold her accountable)
Who would be your second and third choices: Jane KIm, Norman Yee (who would likely make reasonable Committee appointments)
Who did you endorse for Mayor in 2018 (all 3 choices, if applicable): Jane Kim, Mark Leno
Who did you endorse for Mayor in 2015 (all 3 choices, if applicable): Francisco Herrera, Broke Ass Stewart, Amy Weiss
Who did you endorse for Sheriff in 2015: Ross Mirkarimi

1) Grassroots Democracy: What are your thoughts on Instant Runoff Voting, and District Elections? How have they worked to date? What
would you change in the future?

IRV is an improvement in the inherently flawed Winner Take All voting system. District Elections have served to allow for some regional neighborhood expression to find its way to City Hall. However, both IRV and District electoral systems could be improved as the perceived "failures" of both, in my opinion, are largely due to voter apathy and limited expression within the context of a political scene dominated by the Democratic Party machine. In order to engage voters and encourage active participation in local governance, I would support constructive changes such as creation of At-Large Supervisor positions/limited or cumulative voting systems designed to support fuller representation.

+ - ?
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Sub-government such as Neighborhood Assemblies, Networks or District Councils
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Some commissions should be democratically elected
[ ] [ x ] [ ] The Mayor should appoint all commissioners
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Voters' right to recall elected officials
[ ] [ ] [ x ] Ethics Commission should be disbanded

I've been personally persecuted by this Commission, threatened with fines, fake trial, and retailiation (if I ever ran another campaign) under former Exec. Director St. Croix. The Commission is better, but I'd rather reserve judgement.

[ x ] [ ] [ ] Ethics Commission meetings should be televised
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Ethics Commission should prioritize investigating violations from well-funded campaigns
[ ] [ x ] [ ] My campaign accepts corporate contributions
[ ] [ x ] [ ] My campaign accepts contributions from paid lobbyists or related entities having any interest in City and County of San Francisco

2) Ecological Wisdom: Please outline your view of the major environmental and ecological issues facing San Francisco and your
proposed policies to address them.

For a "green" city, SF is not very green. At the Shipyards and Treasure Island, we have the largest eco-fraud in US history. Our ballfields and playgrounds are filled with hazmats and plastic. Our potable water supply is now being polluted by contaminated groundwater so that SFPUC, an enterprise agency, can profit from sales to other counties. Sewage overflows into our Bay and Ocean every heavy rainfall. Our urban forest is being felled at an alarming rate and is otherwise poorly managed and maintained. City agencies spray carcinogenic and mutagenic chemicals in our parks and green spaces to save money on salaries. Our Coastal Zone is threatened by development and privatization and access, which should be protected by law, is limited by chain link fences, hubris of administrative authority, and fiat. I'll tackle all of these issues by exposing them at the BOS and legislating changes to the code to improve the health and safety of our urban environment.

+ - ?
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Phasing out all diesel buses (e.g., Muni, tour, shuttles)
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Public Power
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Install local/regional clean energy, efficiency, and battery storage to supply 50% of our electricity by 2030
[ ] [ ] [ x ] Reducing or eliminating parking minimums in new housing and commercial developments

I would discourage further development at this point given the current number of projects in the pipeline. I would favor reducing parking minimums in new housing developments that are publicly owned or are limited equity cooperatives and would like to see Uber, Lyft, and other TNC's banned, and privateer public transports and luxury shuttles significantly taxed for use of our streets and a real robust, consensus-based public process in play with respect to Planning/SFMTA.
[ x ] [ ] [ ] As in Bayview, halt all US Navy Treasure Island transfers of lands tested by Tetra Tech, to private developers
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Natural Areas Program

The Natural Areas Program has been used as a tool of destruction and a bargaining chip by RPD management to prop up its fiefdom. It's a fraud.
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Tree Removals

Our trees do not enjoy being butchered, suffering "benign neglect", or being cut down. Private contractors with sweetheart contracts profit more from removal than maintenance. I will speak for the trees.

[ ] [ x ] [ ] Use of Tier One herbicides in public parks

I will prohibit their use by adding to the Health Code.
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Addition of SF Groundwater to the City's potable supply

Our groundwater supply is currently contaminated by lead, other heavy metals, sulfites, and unknowns that SFPUC's state-of-the-art lab does not test for. Additions of SF-sourced groundwater should immediately cease. The groundwater needs to be bioremediated at its source and rendered safe prior to any use, even for irrigation. As technology improves and SFPUC ceases raising rates and sales of water to for-profit companies like CalWater, we could reassess whether two supplies is better than one or not.

[ ] [ x ] [ ] Artificial turf on City-owned athletic fields

All City-owned athletic and playfields should be restored/converted to natural grass. There is no scientific evidence that Toxic Turf is safe and plastic is an environmental hazard.
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Managed retreat and Coastal Zone protection in response to Global Warming

3) Social Justice: A) What is your assessment of homelessness in San Francisco, and what solutions do you propose?

Homelessness is a systemic problem. The fact that some of our residents do not have a roof over their head and a place to call home and cannot provide for basic needs is a problem and a gross injustice. Housing is health care. Health care is a human right. The numbers of unhoused residents in SF have changed little for as long as I can remember. What has changed is our urban environment and the people who live in it. Both are less hospitable, less convivial, than I can remember in the 20+ years I've lived here. I would propose that available resources be used resourcefully, that services be provided for those in need by current providers (with additional oversight) and other financial support, if required, from those who have profited the most by use of the City's resources. Persecution of fellow San Franciscans for political purposes needs to stop. Public property other than streets and sidewalks could and should be "activated" to provide a place for organic growth into loose-knit semi-autonomous communities where residents receive needed support (no strings-style navigational centers). Investigation into what form this possible solution would look like would require an expansive and thoroughgoing outreach effort. Creating just one safe and stable community for our most marginalized citizens would be the first step toward a "solution".

+ - ?
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Project Homeless Connect
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Care Not Cash
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Community courts
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Healthy SF
[ x ] [ ] [ ] SF's sick leave requirements
I support the City's PSLO.
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Law against sitting down on SF sidewalks
[ ] [ ] [ x ] I support more homeless navigation centers in my district

I would support a homeless navigation center in my district if it were low turnover, with well-staffed with medical personnel (housing is health care) and if it were on public property with a plan for conversion into publicly-owned and managed community housing. Currently, multi-parcel swaps between agencies and agreements with private developers have enabled navigational centers to serve as placeholders for mixed-income development which only exacerbates income disparity and direct/indirect displacement.

B) What are your views on housing affordability, what public sector strategies have worked, which have failed, and what are your proposals?

The conversation about "affordability" has been taken over by free market fundamentalists to serve their misinformed agenda. Community Land Trusts and Limited Equity Cooperatives should be given preference over private-public partnerships. By identifying and limiting the influence of Real Estate Investment Trusts and stemming the flow of foreign investment capital funneled through Regional Development Centers into Targeted Employment Areas the possibility exists that we can supplant these predatory models with those which we have control over. We need to start taking back our housing stock by attacking the root causes of our affordable housing crisis. Hopefully, we can avoid a repeat of 2008's subprime meltdown or 1980's--90's savings and loan and their subsequent bailouts. We'll need a public bank to get the job done.

+ - ?
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Building more market rate housing will lower housing costs for current SF residents
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Impacts of all new development should be paid for in advance by fees on developers
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Community Land Trusts
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Rent Control is too strong
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Elected Rent Board
[ ] [ x ] [ ] HOME-SF (density bonus program)
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Social Housing (similar to

[ x ] [ ] [ ] Ban on Airbnb and other short term rentals
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Require full disclosure of all corporate/speculative interests in parties purchasing/developing property
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Vacancy tax on empty homes
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Pied-a-terre Tax on residential property owners who do not reside in SF
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Condo conversion is currently too difficult

4) Nonviolence: What are your solutions for SFPD accountability while making the streets safer?

Community-based policing and prioritizing non-abusive physical and psychological intervention techniques over tactical, weapons-based interventions may help to curtail police violence in SF. SFPD officers responsible for killings should be brought to trial. In addition, officers should not be called upon to provide security at public expense for private events.

+ - ?
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Prioritize SFPD enforcement of moving violations
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Support expansion of foot patrols
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Demand stricter accountability in future MOUs with the SFPD
[ x ] [ ] [ ] The Board of Supervisors should be able to set policies and priorities for the SFPD through legislation
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Support a public safety program modeled after NYC's "Stop and Frisk."
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Prosecution of SFPD Officers involved in fatal shooting deaths of San Francisco residents.

5) Decentralization: What are your thoughts on the Kaufman Charter of 1996? Does it need revisiting? The Charter needs revisiting. Given a dedicated, more truly representative BOS, and a politically aware and engaged citizenry we could take steps to convert our strong mayor system of governance to a strong democracy system.

+ - ?
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Bring the Housing Authority under the Board of Supervisors
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Will you create formal district councils to advise you?
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Charter amendment allowing voters to choose the replacement of an elected official being recalled on the same ballot as the recall vote
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Immediately implement open-source voting system on the local level

6) Community Based Economics: What economic policies, including taxation and land use, would you propose that would drive capital into
our communities and keep that capital here for residents?

Our community businesses are the life-blood of our City. With Prop 13 reform applied to commercial real estate, and by strengthening legislation limiting formula retail/chain stores we can support, diversify, and incubate small, locally-owned businesses. By providing additional support for worker-owned cooperatives, we can allow for the most stable, locally efficient, and productive business enterprises to survive and thrive.

+ - ?
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Legislation limiting formula retail outlets/chain stores
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Conditional Use permit required for big box stores
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Municipal broadband as a public utility
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Neighborhood cooperatives prioritized as a local supply chain for legalized marijuana
[ ] [ x ] [ ] I support recreational marijuana stores opening in my district

In other areas, MCD's have proven to be corporate mini-gentrification bombs. Local delivery services work just fine. They are not needed.
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Local hiring requirements should be enforced and expanded to include private projects
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Conversion of some golf courses into soccer fields
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Prop 13 limits on tax increases should apply only to residential properties
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Commercial Rent Control

7) Feminism: Do you believe women are underrepresented in city government? If so, why do you believe this is the case? Is this a
bad thing, and if so, what would you do to remedy the situation?

I believe that many women in city government are given less consideration than they deserve and are underrepresented because of that. I'll make Supervisorial appointments on an equitable basis.

+ - ?
[ x ] [ ] [ ] The City should help SFUSD provide child care for children of working parents
[ x ] [ ] [ ] The DPH should provide reproductive health services
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Require parental consent for minors seeking an abortion
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Require parental notification for minors seeking an abortion

8) Respect for Diversity: Tell us what you believe are the best and the worst aspects of San Francisco's diversity. How would you try to
protect the best while trying to change the worst?

Identity politics are the worst aspect of San Francisco's diversity.

What I value most about the the City's diverse population is finding similarities in affinities, attitudes, taste, and values among fellow San Franciscans. The fact that we can cooperate given our varied life experiences, ethnic backgrounds, and cultural mindsets is a hallmark of an evolved SF society. The most successful species are those that cooperate rather than just compete. By cooperating, I'm undoing the worst of it, a little at a time in an authentic manner.

+ - ?
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Multilingual government and public education
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Undocumented immigrants should have equal access to education and health care
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Non-citizen residents should be able to vote in all local elections
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Full rights for transgender persons
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Boards and commissions now reflect the ethnic diversity of San Francisco
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Boards and commissions now reflect the political diversity of San Francisco
[ x ] [ ] [ ] My campaign reflects the diversity of San Francisco

9) Global and Personal Responsibility: A) What are your thoughts on the Board of Supervisors taking positions on state, national and
international issues?

I believe that the business of local government should be focused on matters within its jurisdiction. If elected, I'll focus on local legislation rather than on resolutions for or against matters outside my jurisdiction. I'll work to assert SF's position as a Charter City to maintain local control. I'll legislate to the City's advantage when necessary by using our unique position as City and County within the same geographic boundaries.

+ - ?
[ ] [ x ] [ ] City government cooperating with the PATRIOT Act
[ ] [ x ] [ ] City government cooperating with ICE/Secure Communities
[x ] [ ] [ ] City government should boycott Israel until it complies with UN resolutions
[ x ] [ ] [ ] SF supervisors should take a position on offshore oil drilling outside CA

B) Please describe how you make your political decisions. What is the main basis for your decision making (e.g., consultation with your
constituents, political consultants, colleagues, unions, businesses,
donors, or your gut feelings)?

I consulted with potential constituents, colleagues (primarily educators and health care professionals) to help identify issues of concern in D4. I have a good sense of what city business does not pass the smell test and a knack for finding raw nerves--so, in addition to research, insight and intuition have proven helpful as well.

+ - ?
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Fleet Week and the Blue Angels flyover
[ ] [ x ] [ ] In a severe recession, environmental regulations should be suspended to create jobs
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Business taxes are too high

10) Sustainability: What does the Transit First City Charter provision mean to you? How has Transit First fared in recent years, and how would
you enforce that Charter Provision if elected?

Transit First means we value, utilize, and prioritize local and regional public transportation and safe routes for pedestrians and bicyclists as well as encourage innovative publicly supported solutions to our transit needs. The policy has fared poorly as disruptive tech and share-the-crumbs economy players have come on the scene. I'd put legislation on the table to curb the privatization of our public streets and sidewalks. I'd also work with SFMTA to put back the train stops and bus services that have been stolen in D4.

+ - ?
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Muni should be funded sufficiently to replace most car use, and be free to the rider
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Downtown Transit Assessment Tax to support Muni
[ ] [ ] [ x ] Citywide Transit Assessment Tax to support Muni

I'd need to ensure sure such support were truly supportive.
[ x ] [ ] [ ] More weekend closures of streets in/near my district to cars (e.g., Car-Free GGP)
[ x ] [ ] [ ] State law change that lets bicycles treat stop signs as yield signs and red lights as stop signs
[ x ] [ ] [ ] I ride Muni, bicycle and/or walk instead of driving on a regular basis
[ ] [ ] [ x ] Bus Rapid Transit expanded to all major transit corridors in SF

I would like to ensure that other public transit options currently in operation are not negatively impacted.
[ x] [ ] [ ] Car hailing services like Uber and Lyft should be regulated as taxis, or banned
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Scooter/similar vehicle rentals should be required to store vehicles on private property

Shared electric scooters like Bird and Lime should be banned. Others, rented at brick and mortar bike shops and the like could have a place on streets only if rented with safety equipment with appropriate instruction given. The City should also carefully consider existing and future permitting options for electric and standard bike sharing.
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Allow residents to park on the sidewalk without getting a ticket, unless their neighbors complain
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Congestion pricing for parking
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Power more City vehicles using biofuels (e.g., corn-based ethanol)
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Residents should be allowed to park in the street in front of their own driveway for free
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Support expanding parking meter hours to include later evening hours and weekends
[ ] [ ] [ x ] Remove parking spots and car lanes to create dedicated bike and bus lanes or wider sidewalks

Currently, SFMTA operates a heavy-handed, infantalized, phony public-process that creates wasteful projects. Such projects need oversight and audit before more money is wasted.

Your positions on selected current and past Propositions:

+ - ?
[ x ] [ ] [ ] June 2018 Prop F Eviction Defense
[ ] [ x ] [ ] June 2018 Prop H Tasers for SFPD

[ x ] [ ] [ ] Nov 2016 Prop D Vacancy Appointments
Vacancy appointments
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Nov 2016 Prop F 16-17 y.o. voting, local elections
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Nov 2016 Prop N Non-citizen voting, school board
[ ] [ x ] [ ] Nov 2016 Prop Q Prohibiting tents on public sidewalks
[ x ] [ ] [ ] Nov 2016 Prop 62 (Ending Death Penalty)

[ ] [ x ] [ ] June 2016 Prop B (Rec and Park legislation)

[ x ] [ ] [ ] 2015 Prop F (Short Term Rental Regulation)
[ x ] [ ] [ ] 2015 Prop I (Mission Luxury Housing Moratorium)

[ x ] [ ] [ ] Nov 2014 Prop H (Natural Grass in Parks)
I did some work on this.
[ ] [ x ] [ ] June 2014 Prop B (Waterfront Height Limits)

[ ] [ x ] [ ] 2011 Prop C (Mayor's Pension measure)
[ ] [ x ] [ ] 2011 Prop D (Adachi's Pension measure)

[ ] [ x ] [ ] 2010 Prop L (Ban on Sitting on Sidewalks)
[ ] [ x ] [ ] 2010 Prop M (Foot Patrols)