San Francisco Green Party Supervisor Candidate Questionnaire 2012


1. There are 10 sections to this questionnaire. Each section corresponds with the 10 Key Values of the Green Party.

2. Each section begins with a written question and ends with several multiple-choice questions.

3. The multiple-choice questions are answered by checking the box in the appropriate column to indicate which is closest to your position: + = Support / Agree / Yes
- = Oppose / Disagree / No
: = Undecided / Don't know / No opinion

4. The world is too complex to always break down neatly into yes/no/maybe choices, so feel free to clarify any answers to multiple
choice questions with a few words.

Candidate Name: Glenn Rogers
Phone Number: 416 333 9317
Web site:
Name of Campaign Manager: NA
Are you receiving public financing: No
Signed voluntary spending limit: No
Campaign Manager: No
2nd, 3rd endorsements in District: Denise Dianne, Cathy Lentz,
Major Endorsements: Aaron Goodman
Favorite Incumbent Supervisor: Matt Gonzalez
Least favorite: David Chiu
If the election were held today, Who would you support as Board President: Avalos
Who would be your second and third choices: Campos, Mar
Who did you support for Mayor in 2011: Jeff Adachi

1) Grassroots Democracy: What are your thoughts on Instant Runoff Voting, and District Elections? How have they worked to date? What would you change in the future?

I value the cost savings of having Instant Runoff Elections but
sometimes the winners are far from being the peoples choice. I think
the old system, with runoff voting could be the better solution.

+ - ?
+ Sheriff Mirkarimi should be restored to office.
+ Sub-government such as Neighborhood Assemblies, Networks or
District Councils
+ Some commissions should be democratically elected.
_ The Mayor should appoint all commissioners.
_ Residency requirements for elected officials should be strictly
+ Ethics Commission should be disbanded.
+ Ethics Commission meetings should be televised.
+ Ethics Commission should prioritize investigating violations from
well-funded campaigns.
_ My campaign accepts corporate contributions
_ My campaign accepts contributions from paid lobbyists or related
entities having any interest in City and County of San Francisco
_ My supervisorial campaign is using leftover funds from a DCCC

2) Ecological Wisdom: Please outline your view of the major environmental and ecological issues facing San Francisco and your proposed policies to address them.

The fact the fire hydrants are still not uniform with those in the
rest of the state must be corrected. I would ask new high rise
construction to include solar windows which are 50% less efficient
than silicon panels but are much greater in surface area, providing
even more renewable energy. Californai native plants should be
provided in all parks and medians, when possible, providing sustenance
for numerous moths and butterflys facing extinction because of a lack
of habitat. The Cross on Mount Davidson is barely visible in many
parts of San Francisco. At a bare minimum, eucalyptus trees should be
removed to provide easy viewing of this monument.

+ - ?
+ Phasing out diesel tour buses
+ Public Power
+ Community Choice Aggregation
+ Tidal power that might be harnessed in San Francisco Bay should be
publicly controlled.
_ New runways in the bay at SFO
+ Reducing or eliminating parking minimums in new housing and
commercial developments
_ Congestion tolls on Doyle Drive
+ Natural Areas Program
_ Artificial turf on City-owned athletic fields

3) Social Justice: A) What is your assessment of homelessness in San Francisco, and what solutions do you propose?

50% of most homeless in the past were Viet Nam Veterans. Therefore,
this was a national embarrassment. For decades they were
uncompensated by any government system. Today, the rate of veterans
suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PDSD) from our recent
wars is very high. The compensation for a 21 year old veteran, with
100% disability, is around $28,352. However, under George Bush the
military often claimed they had PTSD before they joined the military
and denied payment. So things are getting better for our soldiers
but others are missed. I think drug adicution should be treated as a
disease and not a crime. This could also help many homeles. A study
released February 9, 2005, indicated that the number of residents who
declared themselves to be homeless residents of San Francisco had
decreased from 2,497 to 679 since implementation of Care Not Cash in
May 2004.[3] As of January 2007, the caseload had decreased further to
333,[4] although Mayor Newsom admitted in a radio interview that two
or three new homeless persons come to San Francisco for each homeless
person that gets off the streets.[5]

Allthough the solution is not equivalent, rescuing Community College,
increasing graduation from high school and treating drug adiction as a
disease and not a crime, could help. Mental illness, being diagnosed
and being treated more aggressively, is also a solution.

+ - ?
+ Project Homeless Connect
+ Care Not Cash.
+ Community courts
+ SF's minimum wage law
+ SF's health care mandate
+ SF's sick leave requirements
+ Law against sitting down on SF sidewalks
Asking the homeless to be less public in their dliemna is not being
insensitive. To not sit in commercial areas, between 7am to 10pm,
does not seem to be asking too much., especially when space is
available in shelter.

B) What are your views on housing affordability, what public sector strategies have worked, which have failed, and what are your proposals?

To bring down the cost of affordable housing, using a market based
strategy, of supply and demand, would require over 100,000 homes being
built a year. I think that is both unrealistic and would ruin the
quality of life here in SF. With SF second only to New York in
density, it is my opinion growth should be discouraged, not fostered,
despite the hope of the City to gain money for the General Fund with
construction. What we need is successful pension reform. The idea of
allowing contractors to pay a fee, to avoid providing affordable
housing, should be discontinued. We need affordable housing for our
firefighters, police and educators, so that they live here in the
City. Lastly, Parkmerced, the largest affordable housing complex of
its kind West of the Missippippi, needs to be preserved as a
historical site. Providing a free shuttle to BART, is not enough of
an incentive to make this a commutor friendly project. Should
development be allowed, it must be in true commuter friendly areas.

+ - ?
+ Impacts of all new development should be paid for in advance by fees
on developers.
Aperformance bond could also be required.
+ Community Land Trust
This could be a solution for Parkmerced.
_ Rent Control is too strong
+ Elected Rent Board
_ Amnesty for illegal in-law apartments
The density and spaces available for parkiing are important also.
+ Condo conversion is currently too difficult

4) Nonviolence: What are your solutions for SFPD accountability while making the streets safer?

Having officers patrol the streets ‘on foot; provides both a better
relationship with the police and public. BART could benifit from
police being in place and on foot at stations so that lethal force is
not so easily the first solution.

+ - ?
_ Prioritize SFPD enforcement of moving violations
+ Support expansion of foot patrols
+ Demand stricter accountability in future MOUs with the SFPD
_ The Board of Supervisors should be able to set policies and
priorities for the SFPD through legislation
I trust the police to make better policy than the Board of Supervisors!
_ Support a public safety program modeled after NYC's "Stop and Frisk."

5) Decentralization: What are your thoughts on the Kaufman Charter of 1996? Does it need revisiting?

If you mean that government should become increasingly more
privatized, I am against this princible. For example, plane traffic
controllers, if being controlled by a private company, would consider
profit over safety. This example, and so many more show government
needs to be in charge.

+ - ?
_ Bring the Housing Authority under the Board of Supervisors
The Board of Supervisors is so corrupt I do not think they can do
_ Will you create formal district councils to advise you?
I will be open to suggestions on the phone. I hear the truth quiclky.
+ Two aides for each Supervisor are sufficient
_ Charter amendment allowing voters to choose the replacement of an
elected official being recalled on the same ballot as the recall vote

6) Community Based Economics: What economic policies, including taxation and land use, would you propose that would drive capital into our communities and keep that capital here for residents?

I like the Gross Reciept Tax which is prgressive tax, taxing ‘start-
up’ companies less and big companies more. This tax is present
everywhere else in Californai. It is a surprise we did not leave the
Payroll Tax sooner. However, taxes and fees from development are not
the solution for a quality life here in SF, unless these developments
are truely commuter friendly.

+ Legislation limiting formula retail outlets/chain-stores
+ Conditional Use permit required for big box stores
_ The biotech payroll tax break
We need their money.
+ Municipal broadband
+ Local hiring requirements should be enforced
By law this would be difficult. My suggestion is we hire those very
ative in the community and not from others counties.
+ Conversion of some golf courses into soccer fields
Golf courses are energy sinks!
+ Prop 13 limits on tax increases should apply only to residential

7) Feminism: Do you believe women are underrepresented in city government? If so, why do you believe this is the case? Is this a bad thing, and if so, what would you do to remedy the situation?

Yes, more women should be in City government. I think encouragement
should begin in grammar schoolf or those women with skills appropriate
to leadership. It is possible a personality inventory test could be
provided and likely successful candidates be noted and encouraged.

+ - ?
+ The City should help SFUSD provide child care for children of
working parents
+ The DPH should provide reproductive health services
_ Require parental consent for minors seeking an abortion
_ Require parental notification for minors seeking an abortion

8) Respect for Diversity: Tell us what you believe are the best and the worst aspects of San Francisco's diversity. How would you try to protect the best while trying to change the worst?

+ - ?
+ Multilingual government and education
+ Undocumented immigrants should have equal access to education and
health care
+ Non-citizen residents should be able to vote in all local elections
+ Full rights for transgender persons
+ Boards and commissions now reflect the ethnic diversity of San
_ Boards and commissions now reflect the political diversity of San
+ My campaign reflects the diversity of San Francisco

9) Global and Personal Responsibility: What are your thoughts on the Board of Supervisors taking positions on state, national and international issues?

I thought it was a good idea when the City publicly stated they did
not believe in the Iraq War. The next bomb is likely to come from a
Terrorist with a bomb in a suitcase!

+ - ?
_ City government cooperating with the PATRIOT Act
+ City government cooperating with ICE
+ City government should boycott Arizona until policies are changed
_ City government should boycott Israel until policies are changed
Policies could be improved but this is the only Democracy in the
+ Fleet Week and the Blue Angels flyover
_ Business taxes are too high
The Gross Receipts Tax will correct this.
_ In a severe recession, environmental regulations should be suspended
to create jobs
_ SF supervisors should take a position on offshore oil drilling
outside CA

10) Sustainability: What does the Transit First City Charter provision mean to you? How has Transit First fared in recent years, and how would you enforce that Charter Provision if elected?

I read the Charter and I agree with it. Presently, Candidates for
Supervisor in my district are very unhappy with the Bicycle
Coalition. The problem is that there is not enough contact with
neighborhoods in the decision making process. However, it is clear
obesity is an epidemic in our nation. Excercise by bicyle is
necessary and desirable. Although the charter requests transportation
to be a necessary requirement for growth, I think in Parkmerced this
was not a ‘commuter friendly’ decision, therefore, the lofty goals of
the charter and the grime reality are not compatible. I would try to
revisit the Parkmerced project and make it a historical site.

+ - ?
_ MUNI should be funded greater levels and be free to the rider
Free for children but the money must come from somewhere.
+ Downtown Transit Assessment Tax to support MUNI
However, City business will not tax themselves even if it is a good
+ Citywide Transit Assessment Tax to support MUNI
+ Higher residential construction along neighborhood transit
corridors, which may include raising height limits by two to three
Here only and if its truely commuter friendly.
+ of money set aside for seismic retofit projects into a solar energy
incentives program.
Solar windows!
+ State law change that lets bicycles treat stop signs as yield signs
and red lights as stop signs
+ I ride MUNI, bicycle and/or walk instead of driving on a regular basis
_ Bus Rapid Transit on Geary
I hear this report and I thought they were making incorrect
assumptions. Dedicated bus lane do not work or are not enforced.
Buses never really leave the lane they are traveling in, when they
pick up passengers. The young researchers seem to miss these points
in their study.
_ Allow residents to park on the sidewalk without getting a ticket,
unless their neighbors complain
What about street cleaning?
- I agree with the recommendations in the Peak Oil Task Force Report
They do not seem to realize there will come a day when there will be
no more oil.
+ Congestion pricing for parking
_ Power more City vehicles using corn-based ethanol
This makes food expensive
+ Residents should be allowed to park in the street in front of their
own driveway for free
+ Oppose expanding parking meter hours to include later evening hours
and weekends
In the middle of the night while asleeep come out and feed the meter,
are you kidding me? Having meters working on Sunday stops the abuse
of leaving a car there all day.
+ Remove parking spots and car lanes to create dedicated bike and bus
lanes or wider sidewalks
There will be some businesses that will ‘fold’.

Your positions on selected current and past Propositions:

+ 2012 Prop A (City College Bond)
_ 2012 Prop B (Park Bond)
Park and Recreation Department is mismanaged
+ 2012 Prop C (Housing Trust Fund)
Also reinstate the State Affordable Housing Initiative
_ 2012 Prop D (Consolidating Municipal Elections)
+ 2012 Prop E (Business Tax Reform)
_ 2012 Prop F (Restore Hetch Hetchy Planning)
This Proposition assumes the dam will be eliminated. We know that
using the cleanest water in the nation to clean streets is a bad
idea. Other studies on this issue are more on target.
_ 2012 Prop G (Corporate Personhood)
_ 11 Prop C (Mayor's Pension measure)
+ 2011 Prop D (Adachi's Pension measure)
+ 2011 Prop E (Ammendments to initiative ordinances)
+ 2010 Prop L (Ban on Sitting on Sidewalks)
+ 2010 Prop M (Foot Patrols)
During crime spikes and at all BART stations until the mentallity